What Gives Agile Its Agility?

What gives Agile its Agility? Where does agility come from? How do we measure it? If you have been using agile for awhile, why is your velocity falling? What can you do to get it moving back in the right direction? How do you incorporate testing into an Agile Team? What kind of roles/specialization do you need to have a truly cross-functional team? In this talk, we will dive into where agility actually comes from and how you can discover or rediscover agility for your teams.

We will take a deep dive into the technical practices that give agile it’s agility. We will talk about the metrics. practices, and tools that should really be used in agile. This talk is intended for developers that are new to agile or have been practicing Scrummerfall for too long. Subsequently, there are some technical aspects that relate to specific coding techniques. Knowledge of an objected oriented programming language is recommended (but not required) to get the full benefit of this session. If you are already an agile guru, you will probably know this stuff. If you're not, then take home what you need to achieve success with an agile team.

About John Borys

John Borys

John Borys has developed Enterprise Java applications for 16 years in the Chicago Metropolitan area. He has consulted for small start-ups and Fortune 50 companies. Introduced to Agile in 2004 while working on a maintenance system for the F-22 Raptor Engine, he has been an agile Proponent ever since. During that time he has been an Agile Developer, Scrum Master, Technical Lead, Java Architect, and for the last four years, an Agile Coach.

He is currently with Accenture specializing in Agile Transformation in the Large Enterprise and teaching teams XP Fundamentals.

John is a Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Scrum Master.

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