Stop writing code and start solving problems

Being a professional software engineer, it's easy to fall into the belief that one's role in a company is to write code.
Another perspective might be that one's role is to solve problems for the business and that writing code is merely one of several tools available to help solve those problems.

There are numerous problem-solving “anti-patterns” that are rampant in the industry today. “Forewarned is forearmed” as they say. In addition to highlighting these “anti-patterns” with real-life examples and the (sometimes) disastrous consequences, Michael asks some of the difficult questions about our true motivations for our decisions and how our decisions can either positively or negatively affect our team and our organization.

About Michael Carducci

Michael Carducci

For nearly 20 years, Michael was a software engineer moonlighting as a magician. Now he's a magician moonlighting as a tech leader/software engineer. In both endeavors he has dedicated himself to mastery and has gained deep insights both from his eclectic interests, entrepreneurial spirit, and experience that spans the full stack, the entire project lifecycle, and several technologies.

His time is equally divided between performing around the world, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, and building software that doesn't suck.

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