Integrating Groovy Concurrency with Java

The Groovy language now provides substantial concurrency capabilities via the GPars library, including the ability to work with actors and dataflow concurrency. This talk shows how you can integrate these Groovy concurrency structures into your Java applications.

The GPars project offers developers new intuitive and safe ways to handle tasks concurrently, asynchronously, and distributed by utilizing the power of the Java platform and the flexibility of the Groovy language. With GPars, Java programs can transparently leverage multiple cores and even multiple systems by moving through a layer of Groovy code.

About Robert Fischer

Robert Fischer

Robert Fischer is a multi-language open source developer currently specializing in Groovy in Grails. In the past, his specialties have been in Perl, Java, Ruby, and OCaml. In the future, his specialty will probably be F# or (preferably) a functional JVM language like Scala or Clojure.

Robert is the author of Grails Persistence in GORM and GSQL, a regular contributor to GroovyMag and JSMag, the founder of the JConch Java concurrency library, and the author/maintainer of Liquibase-DSL and the Autobase database migration plugin for Grails.

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