Building Native Mobile apps with Angular and Typescript

This workshop focuses on Ionic, a UI framework and toolchain that make creating a beautiful native app effortless. Learn that tools in the Ionic ecosystem that take you from idea to deployment very quickly.

In this hands-on workshop, we will be diving into the core concepts of ionic, cordova and building native apps. This is a project driven approach in that we will be developing a real application.

This workshop assumes a working familiarity with Angular2, Typescript, HTML5 and CSS.

About Michael Carducci

Michael Carducci

For nearly 20 years, Michael was a software engineer moonlighting as a magician. Now he's a magician moonlighting as a tech leader/software engineer. In both endeavors he has dedicated himself to mastery and has gained deep insights both from his eclectic interests, entrepreneurial spirit, and experience that spans the full stack, the entire project lifecycle, and several technologies.

His time is equally divided between performing around the world, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, and building software that doesn't suck.

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