Badass 101

Would Chuck Norris ask you to come hear him speak at a conference? No, he wouldn't. He would TELL you that you're coming, and then roundhouse kick you in the face if you gave him any more lip.

“What would Chuck Norris do?” is a philosophy this session will cover in depth. Other topics include: badass vs a-hole, human duck typing, the art of [not] caring, instrumentality, and what your facial hair says about you. You won't learn any new code in this session, but you might unleash a Pandora's box of awesomeness that will change the way you interact with your coworkers forever.

About Lyndsey Padget

Lyndsey Padget

Lyndsey Padget is the founder of Longplay Software in Kansas City. As a full stack developer with over 14 years of software and web development experience at both mega-corporations and startups, she enjoys sharing in-depth knowledge on topics such as git & release management, MEAN stack development, microservices & REST, test-driven development, agile & kanban, healthy teams, diversity & inclusion, public speaking, and more. Lyndsey is involved in local organizations that encourage women, young and old, to explore careers in math and science. She believes that the difference between a good software engineer and a great one often has little to do with code.

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