4 Tales of Enterprise Agility

Change is upon us! We change to stay relevant. Many organizations are faced with the options of change or die. Change is admittedly painful, so how do you balance all the moving parts of finding a starting point, prioritizing which processes to change, implementing change, and dealing with the aftermath? This session covers ideas for managing the delicacy and complexity of change and looks at the successes and failures of 4 organizations who embarked on programs of change.

Change programs are complicated by people, their comfort levels, personal agendas and motivating factors. This session covers the psychology of change, how to deal with personal agendas and motivating factors and 4 real world examples of organizational change. We will look at approaches for changing People, Processes and Tools. We will also discuss models for implementing Agile as a change program in your organization.

About Tiffany Lentz

Tiffany Lentz

Tiffany Lentz, a Principal Consultant and Program Manager, is proudly employed at ThoughtWorks, a global IT services firm focused on end-to-end software delivery. She has worked extensively for large clients in the US, Canada, and China, delivering solutions for both disparate system delivery projects and agile enablement and organizational transformation efforts to incorporate and enhance efficiency and delivery processes. She is an author, mentor, coach and trainer of agile methodologies, processes, and practices. Tiffany is the author of Iteration Management Chapter in the ThoughtWorks anthology book and believes that the Iteration Manager's job is to build a well-oil delivery machine.

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