Pacific Northwest Software Symposium

November 8 - 10, 2019

Kubernetes Operator Pattern

Friday - Nov 8 5:00 PM

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Software Architect

There are a variety of ways to declare to Kubenetes what applications should be run and managed. Typically YAML declarations or Helm charts are sufficient to define your applications. However, a strong technique has emerged as a way to control your applications. When you leverage CustomResourceDefinitions (CRDs) and controllers together they make up the Operator pattern.

Learning to use Operators should be part of your architecture toolbox when hosting professional solutions using Kubernetes.

In this session, you will see how this pattern emerged. We will explore how the architecture works natively on Kubernetes. We will see open source Operators are currently available for you to use. The session will conclude by exploring how to write your own Operators using the Operator SDK.

Learn what Operators are all about and how you can leverage them for your solutions.

About Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson is a platform architect at Intelligent Artifacts, formulating the symbiosis of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) platform with the Kubernetes ecosystem, and a software architect at Dijure LLC.

Jonathan is halfway into his second score of engineering commercial software, driven by his desire to design helpful software to move us forward. His applications began with laboratory instrument software and managing its data. Jonathan was enticed by the advent of object-oriented design to develop personal banking software. Banking soon turned to the internet, and enterprise applications took off. Java exploded onto the scene, and since then he has inhabited that ecosystem. At 454 Life Sciences and Roche Diagnostics, Jonathan returned to laboratory software and leveraged Java-based state machines and enterprise services to manage the terabytes of data flowing out of DNA sequencing instruments. Then as a hands-on architect at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he applied the advantages of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to their laboratory management platform.

Jonathan enjoys comparing and sharing his adventures with peers. He shares ways to modernize application architectures while adhering to the fundamentals of high modularity and low coupling. A longtime resident of Connecticut, he discusses his experiences with technical groups and meetups.