Pacific Northwest Software Symposium

November 8 - 10, 2019

Offline First - The Progressive Web

Sunday - Nov 10 9:00 AM

Michael Carducci

Michael Carducci

Tech Leader, Vue Expert & Full Stack Developer

The #1 fallacy of distributed computing is “The Network is Reliable.” Yet we still build web apps that 100% rely on a server and a network connection. What if we could build web apps that work, regardless of connection state? The promise and capabilities of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) make this possible, and these capabilities are available today.

This session doesn't focus on a specific technology or backend technology; while those demonstrations are impressive, they are only useful for a handful of use-cases. Instead we look at architecture patterns and techniques that can work with any framework, any backend, and virtually any app.

In 2005 the way we built web applications changed when Google released Google Maps and the AJAX map canvas. This approach fundamentally changed how users expect to interact with web applications. Suddenly any app that sent postback after postback felt cumbersome and positively ancient.

Progressive web apps and offline capabilities are that next big shift. Soon any app that doesn't work offline is going to be as jarring and frustrating of a user experience as it would be to go back to a pre-ajax world. Don't let this be your app!

About Michael Carducci

For nearly 20 years, Michael was a software engineer moonlighting as a magician. Now he's a magician moonlighting as a tech leader/software engineer. In both endeavors he has dedicated himself to mastery and has gained deep insights both from his eclectic interests, entrepreneurial spirit, and experience that spans the full stack, the entire project lifecycle, and several technologies.

His time is equally divided between performing around the world, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, and building software that doesn't suck.