Northern Virginia Software Symposium

November 1 - 3, 2019

Spring Data: Data at REST

Friday - Nov 1 5:00 PM

Craig Walls

Craig Walls

Author of Spring in Action

In this example-driven presentation, we'll look at Spring Data REST, an extension to Spring Data that exposes your data repositories as a RESTful API, complete with hypermedia links. We'll start with essential Spring Data REST, but then go beyond the basics to see how to customize the resulting API to be more than just CRUD operations over HTTP.

Spring Data is a brilliant extension to the Spring Framework that makes simple work of exposing a database–any kind of database–via repositories. But as is often the case, your application's data doesn't usually stay within the application. It is consumed by external applications or from a Javascript client in the web browser. That means, we'll need to build a RESTful API around those repositories.

About Craig Walls

Craig Walls is a principal engineer with Pivotal and is the author of Spring in Action and Spring Boot in Action. He's a zealous promoter of the Spring Framework, speaking frequently at local user groups and conferences and writing about Spring. When he's not slinging code, Craig is planning his next trip to Disney World or Disneyland and spending as much time as he can with his wife, two daughters, 2 birds and 3 dogs.