Test-Driven iOS Development in Ruby with RubyMotion: Part 1

NFJS, the Magazine - March 2013

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices conceived by Apple have become prevalent fixtures of modern life. For developers accustomed to Apple's Objective-C language, the transition from creating desktop applications to creating applications for mobile devices has been fairly smooth. If you are a Web developer used to working with dynamically-typed, lightweight languages, following agile practices like Test-Driven Development, and comfortable with a Unix Shell, then jumping into a development world with a (albeit more modern and more dynamic that say…Java) cousin of C++ and an IDE that looks like an F16 cockpit just doesn't seem appealing.

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Brian Sam-Bodden

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Brian Sam-Bodden is an author, instructor, speaker and hacker that has spent over twenty years crafting software systems. He holds dual bachelor degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University in computer science and physics and heads Integrallis. He is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences nationally and abroad. Brian is the author of “Beginning POJOs: Spring, Hibernate, JBoss and Tapestry”, co-author of the “Enterprise Java Development on a Budget: Leveraging Java Open Source Technologies” and a contributor to O'reilly's “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know”.

NFJS, the Magazine - March 2013

NFJS the Magazine - March 2013

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