Log4JFugue Part Two

NFJS, the Magazine - April 2012

In last month’s article we walked through the Log4JFugue existing architecture and started to explore how Scala could simplify things for us. In the current article we continue the discussion by looking at the construction of the actual sound string, looking at Dependency Injection, ScalaDoc and drawing conclusions from the experience.

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About Brian Tarbox

Brian Tarbox

Distinguised Engineer at Motorola Mobility

Brian Tarbox is a Distinguished Engineer in the Systems Engineering group at Motorola Mobility. Brian started programming on a PDP-11 and have seen many languages and silver bullets come and go. Brian has been a private pilot, rescue scuba diver, dolphin trainer and juggler. Brian is a musician on the side playing Native American Flute and Didgeridoo and have an Open Source project called Log4JFugue that converts log files into music streams.

NFJS, the Magazine - April 2012

NFJS the Magazine - April 2012

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