On Eloquent Conversations – Part Two

NFJS, the Magazine - August 2011

In the first installment of this series, we discussed the need for integration, and some of the potential pitfalls, especially when attempting to roll your own integration system. We then proceeded to discuss some of the patterns in Gregor Hohpe's and Bobby Woolf's aptly named "Enterprise Integration Patterns" and their corresponding implementations in Spring Integration. We discussed the core patterns that make up the founding blocks of Spring Integration - "Message Channel", "Message" and "Message Endpoint". In this article we will explore a few more patterns that will allow you to route, filter and manipulate messages as well as talk to external systems. We will learn how to do this while leveraging Spring's declarative model that lets you focus on your domain, and let Spring Integration handle the specifics of messaging.

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NFJS, the Magazine - August 2011

NFJS the Magazine - August 2011

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