An Introduction to Node.JS

NFJS, the Magazine - December 2010

It is no secret that node.js has been gaining lots and lots of attention lately, becoming number three right behind Ruby on Rails and jQuery on Github’s most watched projects list. It is all for good reason; it is super fast being written atop Google’s V8 Javascript engine and it makes writing scalable network applications not only easy but a lot of fun too.

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About James Carr

James Carr

Software Craftsman

James is a contractor in the St.Louis area that shares a passion for software craftsmanship and has enjoyed software development since he wrote his first program in Basic on the Tandy Color Computer 3 way back in 1988.

In addition to a passion for technology, he also has a keen interest in improving teamwork and collaboration through interactive activities to get people thinking creatively and develop stronger, richer communication channels with their stakeholders.

NFJS, the Magazine - December 2010

NFJS the Magazine - December 2010

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