Test Doubles with Mockito

NFJS, the Magazine - November 2010

Test Doubles are an important part of developing software with Test Driven Design as they help define interactions between collaborators and the system under test, provide indirect outputs to the system as well as verify indirect outputs. This is done by either rolling your own test specific implementation of the collaborators or using a library to cut back on the boilerplate code that goes into setting them up. Mockito is one of many mock object frameworks that is easy to use and can be a huge benefit when used efficiently.

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James Carr

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James is a contractor in the St.Louis area that shares a passion for software craftsmanship and has enjoyed software development since he wrote his first program in Basic on the Tandy Color Computer 3 way back in 1988.

In addition to a passion for technology, he also has a keen interest in improving teamwork and collaboration through interactive activities to get people thinking creatively and develop stronger, richer communication channels with their stakeholders.

NFJS, the Magazine - November 2010

NFJS the Magazine - November 2010

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