Using GORM to Boost Legacy Spring Applications

NFJS, the Magazine - August 2009

Using GORM with your Spring application can increase productivity and readability of your code.

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About Joseph Nusairat

Joseph Nusairat

Co-Author of Beginning Groovy & Grails

Joseph Faisal Nusairat, author of “Beginning JBoss Seam” and co-author “Beginning Groovy & Grails”, is a Java developer who has been working full time in the Columbus Ohio area since 1998, primarily focused on Java development. His career has taken him into a variety of Fortune 500 industries including military applications, data centers, banking, internet security, pharmaceuticals, and insurance. Joseph is particularly fond of open source projects and tries to use as much open source software as possible when working with clients. Joseph is a graduate of Ohio University with dual degrees in Computer Science and Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry. Currently, Joseph works as a Senior Partner at Integrallis Software (

NFJS, the Magazine - August 2009

NFJS the Magazine - August 2009

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