Architecture and Agility

NFJS, the Magazine - August 2009

Contrary to some mythology, using agile methods does not mean living life one iteration at a time. Successful agile communities use iterations and stories to validate their architectural direction. While agile methods will not magically manifest your architecture, they will help you discover sooner which designs work and which do not. This article covers some of the many agile practices that promote the craft of building and delivering sound architectures that can grow and adapt.

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About David Hussman

David Hussman

Agility Coach/Instructor/Practioner

David teaches and coaches the adoption and improvement of agility as a delivery tool. His work includes helping companies of all sizes all over the world. Sometimes he is pairing with developers and testers, while other times he is helping to invent, evolve and plan the delivery of all types of products and projects. David also spends a great deal of time helping leaders at all levels find ways to pragmatically use agility to foster innovation.

Prior to working as a full time coach, David spent years building software in a variety of domains: digital audio, digital biometrics, medical, financial, retail, and education to name a few. David now leads DevJam, a company composed of agile collaborators. As mentors and practitioners, DevJam focuses on agility as a tool to help people and companies improve their software production skills. DevJam provides seasoned leaders that strive to pragmatically match technology, people, and processes to create better and cooler products in competitive cycles.

Along with teaching and coaching, David participates in conferences around the world. He is the recipient of the Agile Alliance, 2009 Gordon Pask Award. David continuously contributes to books and various publications.

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NFJS, the Magazine - August 2009

NFJS the Magazine - August 2009

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