Introducing Drools 5 : A Java Rule Engine for the Rest of Us

NFJS, the Magazine - June 2009

For most Java developers, the idea of using a Rule Engine evokes thoughts of vendors in suits selling a complex and expensive piece of software not needed and the introduction of something completely foreign and intrusive to a code base. Drools 5 ( aims to change this perception by bridging the gap between Java developers and the world of Rule-based systems.

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About Brian Sam-Bodden

Brian Sam-Bodden

CEO of Integrallis

Brian Sam-Bodden is an author, instructor, speaker and hacker that has spent over twenty years crafting software systems. He holds dual bachelor degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University in computer science and physics and heads Integrallis. He is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences nationally and abroad. Brian is the author of “Beginning POJOs: Spring, Hibernate, JBoss and Tapestry”, co-author of the “Enterprise Java Development on a Budget: Leveraging Java Open Source Technologies” and a contributor to O'reilly's “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know”.

NFJS, the Magazine - June 2009

NFJS the Magazine - June 2009

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