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NFJS, the Magazine

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About NFJS, the Magazine

  • Includes an eclectic mix of articles centered on software development.
  • Outstanding content that is easily consumed
  • Covers the latest development tools, methods, and best practices
  • All authors are speakers on the No Fluff Just Stuff Tour
  • Makes a great reference

In this Issue - November 2012

Diffusion of Stuff (Not Fluff)

by Jeremy Deane

The rapid pace of technological innovation since 1998 enabled many organizations to dramatically increase productivity while at the same time decrease overall headcount. However, the anemic recovery since the financial crisis of 2008 combined with “change fatigue” within organizations has resulted in a risk averse culture. In such an environment how can one possibly introduce and inculcate the latest technology or process within an organization? The answer is to have a solid understanding of Diffusion Theory and to leverage Patterns of Change.

Functional SOLID, Part Four

by Matt Stine

In this issue we conclude our short series on the intersection of the SOLID principles of object-oriented design and programming with the functional programming paradigm. We’ll begin by examining the Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP), and then continue exploiting our verbs’ newfound freedom to create a design that abides by the DIP and that is also much leaner than an equivalent design created using object-oriented constructs. We’ll then “go meta,” by considering the differences between simple and complex designs. Finally, we’ll apply our analysis to the SOLID principles, considering the question: “Does SOLID apply to all programming paradigms?”

How Bad Presentations Lead Me to Create Presentation Patterns

by Neal Ford

My first speaking experience at a technical conference was in 1997 at the Borland International Developers Conference (BorCon) in Nashville, TN. Despite teaching lots of technical training courses as part of my day job, speaking in a formal setting was nerve-racking, and my performance was abysmal due to a lack of experience. I had no illusions that I knew what I was doing.

Invisible Gorillas and Other Illusions of the Mind

by Nathaniel Schutta

Despite what you may believe, your mind suffers from a number of everyday illusions; we miss things right in front of our eyes, we have greater confidence in our memories than we should and all to often we jump to conclusions that deteriorate under closer scrutiny. While we can’t change our basic wiring, understanding the common mistakes our brain makes helps us understand the world around us a bit better.

A Message From the Publisher

Jay Zimmerman - creator of the No Fluff Just Stuff Tour Series

Jay Zimmerman
  • Jay Zimmerman


First, let me take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of No Fluff Just Stuff. The emphasis of this magazine is all about quality content just like our software conference series. For those of you not familiar with the No Fluff Just Stuff Symposium series let me share a little history. I started NFJS in 2002 to offer high quality technical content in a conference format and offered in over 30 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The credo of NFJS is simply: Local Venue, World Class Conference. NFJS offers individuals the opportunity to attend an outstanding conference right in your own backyard whether you live in Milwaukee, or Denver, just to name a few. The NFJS conference series is focused on great technical content(stuff) and little to no fluff - advertising, vendors, etc...

NFJS, the Magazine is an eclectic mix of articles centered on software development and all that entails. Whether you are a developer, architect or manager, you should find all of the articles in NFJS interesting and enlightening. All of the article authors are speakers on the No Fluff Just Stuff Tour and published thereby insuring a great read. We want this magazine to be time efficient for the reader. To me, NFJS the Magazine is all about outstanding content that is easily consumable. The other great thing about the format of this magazine is that you can easily read articles out of sequence over the months and refer back to something anytime. Unlike traditional magazines, NFJS has a much longer shelf life and makes a great reference source.

We are very excited to bring you NFJS, the Magazine ten times a year. I hope you find NFJS, the Magazine to be a great informational resource. Drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.