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Kenneth Kousen

Kenneth Kousen

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Baruch Sadogursky

Developer Advocate w/JFrog

Groovy Podcast S03E06, Ep. 73

April 15, 2019

Ken Kousen @kenkousen talks to Schalk Cronjé about Gradle, the Asciidoctor plugin, life in Andorra, and more. #groovylang #gradle #micronaut

Groovy Podcast S03E04, Ep. 72

April 4, 2019

Ken Kousen (@kenkousen) and Jenn Strater (@codeJENNerator) talk about Greach 2019, Gradle 5.3, milestone releases of Grails and Micronaut, and other news from the #groovylang world.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast S03E03, Ep. 71

March 8, 2019

Groovy Podcast, live from DevNexus in Atlanta, GA! Host Ken Kousen (@kenkousen) talks to Graeme Rocher (@graemerocher), Ryan Vanderwerf (@ryanvanderwerf), and James Kleeh (@schlogen) about #groovylang, #grailsfw, and #micronautfw

Groovy Podcast Ep 70, S03E02

February 12, 2019

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, this time hosted by Ken Kousen (@kenkousen) and Jenn Strater (@codeJENNerator) Show notes: 

Groovy Podcast Ep 69 (S03E01) - Happy New Year, Happy New Season!

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year, everybody! Also, Happy New Groovy Podcast Season!

So, we have a podcast in 2019. Does Groovy Calamari has an issue or a podcast episode?! Does it?!

In this episode: Releases of Groovy, Gradle, and Geb, El Gradlissimo, Ken's newsletter shameless plug, and more!


Groovy Podcast Ep. 68, S02E18

December 21, 2018

Ken Kousen @kenkousen talks to our old friend Peter Ledbrook @pledbrook about his work in the Groovy ecosystem and what he's been doing in his life and career.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 66, S02E16

November 22, 2018

Ken Kousen @kenkousen interviews Sergio del Amo @sdelamo about the upcoming Greach 2019 conference, his work at OCI on #grailsfw and #micronautfw, and his Groovy Calamari newsletter and podcast.

Show notes:


Groovy Podcast Ep. 65, S02E15

November 6, 2018

Ken Kousen @kenkousen and Baruch Sadogursky @jbaruch discuss news and hot topics on Groovy, Grails, Micronaut, Gradle, Griffon and the related stuff.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 64, S02E14

September 26, 2018

Ken Kousen @kenkousen and Baruch Sadogursky @jbaruch talk about the latest news from the Groovy programming language ecosystem. Topics include the new Gradle and Spock releases, blog posts, and YT videos from Gr8conf EU.

Show notes at

Groovy Podcast Ep. 63, S02E13

August 31, 2018

Ken Kousen @kenkousen and Jenn Strater @codeJENNerator talk about the latest news from the Groovy programming language ecosystem

Groovy Podcast Ep. 62, S02E13: Interview with Fosso Arcel

August 22, 2018

Interview with Fosso Arcel (@Kraulain), the organizer of the GR8DI program that manages internships for Groovy developers working on their university degrees in Cameroon. The gofundme campaign site is 

Groovy Podcast Ep. 61, S02E12

August 16, 2018

On this episode of the Groovy Podcast, @kenkousen and @jbaruch talk about new releases of Groovy and Gradle, new Grails Quickcasts, a welcome to the GR8DI interns, and more.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep. 60, S02E11

July 27, 2018

Ken Kousen talks to Groovy core committer Paul King about Groovy 2.5 and the upcoming 3.0 versions. Live from Gr8Conf in Minneapolis, MN.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 59, S02E10

July 13, 2018

Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky talk about the new release of Groovy 2.5.1, as well as Paul King's roadmap for the future. More samples from Mr. Haki, more Grails Guides, more examples of Groovy in the marketplace, and just more.

Show notes  at 

Groovy Podcast Ep. 58, S02E09

June 7, 2018

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, with your hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky. Topics include the Groovy 2.5.0, Griffon 2.15.0, and Gradle 4.8 releases, as well as the milestone release of Micronaut, and more.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 56, S02E07

May 8, 2018

Hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky discuss the latest versions of Groovy, Grails, and Gradle, as well as releases of Picocli, GMaven Plus, and H2GIS. Includes a "spirited" discussion of the "State of Java 2018" survey, upcoming Grails training events, and more.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 55, S02E06

May 8, 2018

Long lost Groovy Podcast recorded live at DevNexus 2018 on Feb 1. Hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky talk to Andres Almiray about Griffon, Desktop Java, the JCP, and more, hosted by Night Hacking

Groovy Podcast Ep. 54, S02E05

April 19, 2018

Live Groovy Podcast from the Devoxx France conference. Host Baruch Sadogursky interviews Guillaume Laforge and Cedric Champeau about the future of the Groovy programming language

Groovy Podcast Ep. 53 (S02E04)

March 27, 2018

Groovy Podcast, hosted by Ken Kousen, featuring interviews with Sergio del Amo and Zachary Klein, both from OCI. We discuss the recent Greach 2018 conference in Madrid. Topics include the new Micronaut framework, the future of Grails, comparisons to Spring Boot and Ratpack, and more.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 52

February 1, 2018

News and views from the Groovy Programming language ecosystem. Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky discuss recent released of Groovy, Grails, and Gradle; new CodeNarc features and the revival of Groovy Eclipse; the JUnit 5 vs Spock feature showdown; the Gr8DI mentorship program run by Jenn Strater, and more.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 50 1/2

November 30, 2017

Another Groovy Podcast from the G3 Summit in Austin, TX, this time with Paul King, one of the leaders of the Groovy project. Discuss the different versions and upcoming changes in Groovy 2.5, 2.6, and 3.0. Talk about Java 9 support, the Parrot parser, and miscellaneous new features like the Elvis assignment operator.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 50

November 30, 2017

Groovy Podcast Ep 50, live from the G3 Summit in Austin, TX. With Graeme Rocher, Jeff Brown, and Eric Helgeson.

Grails is found at the newly-redesigned The book "Practical Grails 3" is available at .

Groovy Podcast S02E01 (49)

September 25, 2017

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem. Groovy 2.6 alpha with the new Parrot parser; Grails 3.3.1 and several new Grails Guides; Gradle 4.2 (and whether it's Groovy related any more); Java 9 implications; Happy 9th Birthday Griffon, and lots more

Groovy Podcast Ep 48

July 17, 2017

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, with hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky. We talk about upcoming presentations at next week, as well as the latest  releases of Gradle, Grails, and Groovy, and other blog posts and articles.

Groovy Podcast Ep 46

June 14, 2017

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem. Speeding up Gradle builds; new newsletter by Andres Almiray; Griffon release; Slides from; Spock book in print; Jexler; Groovy on Android; Jigsaw and Java 9.

Release notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep 45

May 16, 2017

Groovy Podcast, Ep. 45, with Ken Kousen and Ryan Vanderwerf. Discuss new Groovy and Grails releases, Spock 1.1 release, new Geb site redesign, GQL: a Groovy lib from GraphQL, the Goodtimes library of Groovy enhancements for Java 8 Date/Time, the upcoming Gr8conf in Copenhagen, new features with Alexa and Google Home, and much more.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep 44

April 11, 2017

Interviews with Schalk Cronjé and Sergio del Amo about the Greach conference; other news from Groovy/Grails/Gradle; and Baruch's Kotlin Puzzlers talk which sadly resulted in his lifetime ban from the Groovy Podcast.

Groovy Podcast Ep 43

March 29, 2017

Groovy Podcast with a quick summary of the latest news from the Groovy, Grails, Gradle, and related worlds. Featuring an interview with Mark Vieira of Gradle, Inc.

Topics included the Groovy 2.4.10 and Grails 3.2.8 releases, official docker images available for both Groovy and Gradle, composite build features in Gradle and IntelliJ, the new build cache in the upcoming Gradle 3.5, and the Gradle Enterprise system.

Groovy Podcast homepage is:

Groovy Podcast Ep 42

February 10, 2017

Groovy Podcast Ep. 42. Links to new Grails 3.2.6 release and Gretty 1.4.1. New YouTube playlist for the Grails Quickcasts, and a video of the live broadcast of Using REACT with Grails 3 by Zak Klein. New free ebook ("Groovy Succinctly") now available.

Also, a great interview with core committer Sergei Egorov about the new "macro methods" in the upcoming version of Groovy.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep 41

January 24, 2017

Groovy Podcast Episode 41, with Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky. Topics include new releases of Geb, Grails, and Groovy; new Grails 3 book in early access, blog post on Groovy mock objects; new Grails guides on creating a new application and testing a secured app with Spring Security; deploying a Ratpack app on Google App Engine Flex, and much more.

Home page:

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep 40: Live from GR8Conf India

January 7, 2017

Live from GR8Conf in New Delhi, India! Appearances by Puneet Behl, Søren Glasius, Burt Beckwith, Ken Kousen, and others, including Deepak Mittal, Naresha K.


Groovy Podcast Ep. 39

December 22, 2016

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, hosted by Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky. Discussions about the latest Grails release, plus the fact there are now over 200 Grails 3 plugins available. Notes about the new Ersatz mock HTTP server library, by the same people behind the HTTP Builder NG project.

Also included are a list of G3 Summit talks, some with videos available, a video series on new features in IntelliJ 2016.3, and improvements to the sdkman system, including the new "outdated" command to update all your outdated resources. Then some comments about Grails guides, the new Parrot parser coming in Grails 3, the GradleTest plugin for testing Gradle plugins, and Guillaume Laforge's presentation on analyzing half a million Gradle build files at GitHub.

Show notes:

Podcast homepage:


Groovy Podcast Ep 38: Live from the G3 Summit

November 30, 2016

Life from the G3 Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 30 Nov 2016! Interviews with Paul King, Guillaume Laforge, Ryan Vanderwerf, and Søren Glasius. We talk about the future of Groovy, the huge increase in downloads under the Apache foundation, new features in Grails, and the changes needed to deal with Java 9.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 37

November 17, 2016

New releases from Grails and Gradle and a release candidate from Spock. New React profile for Grails and an OCI case study. Guillaume Laforge blog post using Ratpack for live conference feed. Updates to Mr Haki notebooks. Alexa skills plugin for Grails. One year anniversary for @ApachGroovy project (and twitter feed has over 2K followers)

Show notes:

Home page:

Groovy Podcast Ep. 36

November 2, 2016

News and views from the Groovy ecosystem. New Grails and Ratpack releases, and a release candidate for Gradle. Poll on JVM languages. Grails 3 quickcast and DSL blog post. Multiple blog posts by Sergio Del Amo and Mr. Haki. Plus a discount raffle for G3 Summit tickets.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep 35

October 6, 2016

Groovy Podcast Ep. 35: News and views from around the Groovy ecosystem.

Highlights: Grails 3.2 released with GORM 6.0. Other releases: Gradle 3.1, Ratpack 1.4.2, Griffon 2.8.0, and the first RC for Geb 1.0.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep. 34: Dan Woods on Reactive Programming

September 30, 2016

Discussion with Dan Woods (@danveloper) about reactive programming in Ratpack, Grails 3, and the next version of the Spring Framework.

Learning Ratpack:

High Performance Microservices with Ratpack and Spring Boot:

Performance data:

Web reactive framework in Spring 5:

Groovy Podcast Ep. 33, Live from JavaOne 2016

September 21, 2016

Groovy podcast, live from the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, CA, September 2016. Interviews with Viktor Gamov, Cédric Champeau, and Andres Almiray, with a special appearance by El Groovissimo!

Topics include presentations at JavaOne, including the visibility of Groovy at the conference, plus new developments in Gradle 3.1.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 32

August 30, 2016

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem. Ken and Baruch talk about presentations from the recent GR8Conf events in Copenhagen and Minneapolis, as well as the Groovy talks at the upcoming JavaOne conference. Also cover the Gradle 3.0 release and Ratpack 1.4.

Show notes at

Groovy Podcast Ep. 31, Live from Gr8Conf US

July 29, 2016

Groovy Podcast, live from Gr8conf in Minneapolis, MN.

Includes a panel discussion with multiple speakers and participants. Includes reviews of several talks, like Reactive Grails, Geb testing, Ratpack, and the infamous "Stupidly Impractical DSLs" featuring the Dane Cook Bot.

Gr8conf agenda:

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep. 30

July 6, 2016

Review of new releases and upcoming plans for Gradle 3, Grails 3.2, and Groovy. Also discuss featured talks at the Gradle Summit, including the Lint plugin and the Shadow plugin, as well as the new Kotlin capabilities.

Includes a new Grails Quickcast on generating scaffolding with Angular, and articles about using React with Grails and Building Alexa Skills with Grails.

Finally, a demo of the new Gradle build scan capabilities, as well as the upcoming composite builds.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 29, Live from the Gradle Summit

June 23, 2016

We talk to Luke Daley, Schalk Cronjé, and Marco Vermeulen, live at the Gradle Summit in Palo Alto, CA. Topics include future developments in Gradle, including the new scan capabilities and the Kotlin support.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 28

June 2, 2016

Live podcast from Gr8conf in Copenhagen, with Jochen Theodorou, Cédric Champeau, and Guillaume Laforge. Topics include talks at the conference, the future of Groovy, a bit about Gradle adopting Kotlin, and more.

Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Cédric Champeau

May 25, 2016

Ken talks to Cédric Champeau (@CedricChampeau) about his career in Groovy, including becoming a core committer, working at Pivotal, and now at Gradle, Inc. The discussion also includes the recent move by Gradle to support the Kotlin language in builds and plugins.

Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Ryan Vanderwerf

May 17, 2016

Baruch talks to Ryan about integrating Groovy with hardware, including Amazon Echo and Alexa and Lego Mindstorms. Both will be the subject of talks he's giving at Gr8conf in Copenhagen.

Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Noam Tenne

May 10, 2016

Baruch talks to Noam Tenne about his talks at the upcoming Gr8conf in Copenhagen. Topics include using Ratpack on Docker, as well as the latest edition of the Groovy Puzzlers.

Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Jenn Strater

May 6, 2016

Discussion with Jenn Strater about her upcoming talks at Gr8conf EU, her activity in the field, her upcoming Fulbright Scholarship in Denmark, the Gr8Ladies group she co-founded, and experiences of women in the industry

Groovy Podcast Ep. 27

May 5, 2016

Discussion of HTTP Request library and Gradle lint plugin. Ratpack releases 1.3.0 and more. New Ratpack tutorial available.

Good docs on JSON views in Grails, also highlighted in the OCI Grails team blog. Pointer to Grails Slack channel and sign-up form.

Gradle newsletter available, and Gradle 2.13 has great performance improvements and the addition of composite builds.

GPars web site now contains all docs.

Profits from "Learning Ratpack" go to Gr8Ladies organization.

Show notes:

Groovy Podcast Ep 26

April 13, 2016

News and views from the Groovy ecosystem. Gr8Day Warsaw talks, Greach 2016, links and blog posts related to Groovy, and more

Groovy Podcast Ep 23, live from DevNexus

February 16, 2016

News and views from the Groovy ecosystem, live from DevNexus in Atlanta, GA. Grails 3.1.1 and Gradle 2.11 releases and Ratpack 1.2.0-rc2. Learning Groovy book on LeanPub. Dan Woods may actually finish the Learning Ratpack book. Some talk about DevNexus presentations and meet the organizer.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 10

April 10, 2015

News and discussion from the Groovy ecosystem. Many thanks to Dan Woods for joining us at the end of the show to chat about Ratpack. Show notes on GitHub.

Groovy Podcast, Ep. 9

March 26, 2015

News and views from the Groovy ecosystem, 26 March 2015. Release notes are on the GitHub repo, 

Groovy Podcast, Ep. 8

March 12, 2015

The latest news and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem. Show notes here.

(Music at the beginning is from the album The Rest Can Wait by The Tension, available here among other places like iTunes and Amazon Music.)

Groovy Podcast Ep. 5

January 21, 2015

The big news is Pivotal's announcement that they will no longer be sponsoring the Groovy and Grails projects as of the beginning of April. In this episode I talk to Guillaume Laforce and Graeme Rocher - the respective project leads - about the decision and what the future looks like for the two projects.

* Groovy 2.4 is out - with Android support!
* Grails 3 is progressing nicely with the first milestone due imminently
* Gradle 2.3.0.RC1 due out 22nd January
* Swiss Knife 1.2.1 released - view injection and threading library for Groovy on Android

Conferences to put in your calendar:

* GREACH          9 - 11 April
* Spring I/O      29 - 30 April
* GR8Conf EU      2 - 4 June
* Gradle Summit   11 - 12 June
* GR8Conf US      29 - 31 July

Groovy Podcast Ep. 4

June 26, 2014

Today, we have an interview with Baruch Sadogursky of JFrog to discuss Groovy, Gradle, Bintray and more.

Show notes

Groovy Podcast Ep. 2

May 29, 2014

We bring you the usual news from the Groovy ecosystem plus we have an interview with two ladies behind the GR8 Ladies and GR8 Workshops initiatives.

Show notes

Groovy Podcast Ep. 1

May 8, 2014

We bring you the usual news from the Groovy ecosystem plus we have an interview with the man behind the Asset Pipeline Grails plugin: David Estes.

Show notes

Groovy Podcast Ep. 0

April 29, 2014

Everything and anything about the Groovy programming language.

Show notes:

  • Grails in Action DOTD code: dotd042514au valid for 25th April, 2014 -
  • Deals of the Day on Making Java Groovy ( and Griffon in Action ( as well
  • What's new in JDK 8:
  • Highlights of what's coming in Groovy 2.3:
  • What's new in Grails 2.4:
  • Elastic Search Grails plugin:
  • Why TDD isn't dead: