Christina Kayastha

Professional JS Nerd

Hello World, I'm Christina!

By day I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Vistaprint in the Greater Boston Area, USA. By night I working on a range of side projects, and am active in the tech community (:

In my free time I love competing in hackathons, attending and speaking at meetups and conferences, and enjoy mentoring and volunteering for community events. As a software engineer I like having the power to build anything from rapid prototypes to complex applications. I believe in learning by doing, and found myself learning Angular 2 by working on the ParkAbler project - a webapp that shows accessible parking in Boston.

In my talks I'll be sharing with you some of the valuable lessons that I've learned and tips and tricks to get your own Angular 2 app up and running!


Angular 6 App Speed Run - Putting it all together!
Progressive Web Applications (Angular, React)