Northern Virginia Software Symposium

November 9 - 11, 2018

Reactive applications with Vert.x

Sunday - Nov 11 11:00 AM - MEETING ROOM 8

Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi

CTO Integrallis Software & Technophile

We live, and operate in a world where our services do not need to be available 24/7, but also respond to surges in demand, and scale down when demands are less.
Reactive systems, and reactive architectures have arisen to address this very concern.
Vert.x is a ployglot toolkit that makes writing reactive applications on the JVM possible.
With a non-blocking, event driven architecture, Vert.x can help you scale your application, leveraging the multi-threaded nature of the JVM, and the multi-core abilities of your hardware.

In this session we will take a look at Vert.x, it's programming model and architecture.
We will write some code, and explore the ecosystem around Vert.x, as well as discuss some of the gotchas that you might come across as you develop Vert.x applications.

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About Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi is a Java/Ruby/Clojure developer and a programming language geek. He has been writing software for well over a decade in several industries including education, finance, construction, manufacturing and retail sectors. Raju has a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio University. In his spare time you will find Raju reading, or watching movies, or playing with yet another programming language. He is affectionately known as looselytyped on Twitter.