Twin Cities Software Symposium

October 12 - 13, 2018

Java Serialization for Big Data

Friday - Oct 12 3:00 PM - SALON C

Daniel Hinojosa

Daniel Hinojosa

Independent Consultant/Developer

Serialization is important for anything Big Data. We need to send information over the wire and we need to do so efficiently. This core concept presentation covers various serialization techniques and libraries. That way you can use Akka, Kafka, Spark, and various MQs efficiently

For this presentation, we will focus on three topics: Core Java Serialization, Apache Avro, and Google's Protocol Buffers. We will review serialization and deserialization ease of use, review performance, and how to integrate with Akka, Kafka, Spark.

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About Daniel Hinojosa

Daniel is a programmer, consultant, instructor, speaker, and recent author. With over 20 years of experience, he does work for private, educational, and government institutions. He is also currently a speaker for No Fluff Just Stuff tour. Daniel loves JVM languages like Java, Groovy, and Scala; but also dabbles with non JVM languages like Haskell, Ruby, Python, LISP, C, C++. He is an avid Pomodoro Technique Practitioner and makes every attempt to learn a new programming language every year. For downtime, he enjoys reading, swimming, Legos, football, and barbecuing.