Twin Cities Software Symposium

October 12 - 13, 2018

Reactive Spring

Saturday - Oct 13 2:45 PM - SALON A

Craig Walls

Craig Walls

Author of Spring in Action

In this session, we'll explore the new reactive features in Spring 5 to build reactive, non-blocking applications using Spring's familiar programming model.

Traditionally, applications have been built using a blocking, synchronous model. Although comfortable and intuitive for most programmers, this model doesn't scale well. And although there are several new approaches to reactive programming, they don't necessarily fit into the familiar programming model that Spring developers are accustomed to working with.

Spring 5 has introduced a set of new reactive features, enabling non-blocking, asynchronous code that scales well using minimal threads. Moreover, it builds on the same concepts and programming models that Spring developers have used for years.

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About Craig Walls

Craig Walls is a principal engineer with Pivotal and is the author of Spring in Action and Spring Boot in Action. He's a zealous promoter of the Spring Framework, speaking frequently at local user groups and conferences and writing about Spring. When he's not slinging code, Craig is planning his next trip to Disney World or Disneyland and spending as much time as he can with his wife, two daughters, 2 birds and 3 dogs.