Twin Cities Software Symposium

October 12 - 13, 2018

Roadmap to Refactoring the Monolith

Saturday - Oct 13 8:15 AM - SALON A

Kirk Knoernschild

Kirk Knoernschild

Software Developer & Mentor

Monoliths are out and microservices are in. Not so fast. Many of the benefits attributed uniquely to microservices are actually a byproduct of other architectural paradigms with modularity at their core. In this session, we’ll look at several of the benefits we expect from today’s architectures and explore these benefits in the context of various modern architectural paradigms. We’ll also examine different technologies that are applying these principles to build the platforms and frameworks we will use going forward.

Along the way, we’ll explore how to refactor a monolithic application using specific modularity patterns and illustrate how an underlying set of principles span several architectural paradigms. The result is an unparalleled degree of architectural agility to move between different architectural paradigms.

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About Kirk Knoernschild

Kirk is software developer with a passion for building great software. He takes a keen interest in design, architecture, application development platforms, agile development, and the IT industry in general, especially as it relates to software development. His recent book, Java Application Architecture was published in 2012, and presents 18 patterns that help you design modular software.