Twin Cities Software Symposium

March 4 - 6, 2016

Using Firebase for On-the-Wire Persistence with any Framework

Sunday - Mar 6 4:00 PM - SALON A

Danny Brian

Danny Brian

Designer, Developer, Mentor

Firebase can replace your existing database, but that isn't its main use case. Instead, it enables a live synchronized data store for all your desktop and mobile apps. With little effort, you can implement Firebase on top of your existing applications, easing the load on your own infrastructure and giving you flexibility with offline storage use cases. What's more, you don't need to write any backend code to use it.

In this session I'll explain the basics of Firebase, and how to get started with it in both new and existing applications. We'll examine the brilliance of this solution, and how it manages to be secure and schema-free, while also not requiring backend code. I'll demonstrate Firebase's zero-effort authentication alternatives, and how they can enable you to not need your own application backend at all. Finally, we'll look at an entire application build on top of Firebase, its integration patterns, and the way Firebase enables scalability without breaking the bank.

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About Danny Brian

Danny Brian got his programming start as a backend developer, wrangling Perl to do all sorts of things for which it was never intended. He wrote some books on software development and document-oriented databases. Eventually he found his true calling: Front-end development. In this “new career” Danny has worked as a designer, Flash developer, and application architect. Today Danny's projects include mobile game development with both HTML5 and the Unity platform. His goal? “To build stuff that people actually like, that stick around for more than a few years, and to help others do the same.”