Twin Cities Software Symposium

March 4 - 6, 2016

Full Stack JavaScript with HTML5, Node.js and MongoDB

Saturday - Mar 5 1:30 PM - SALON C

Danny Brian

Danny Brian

Designer, Developer, Mentor

You don't need Node.js or MongoDB to build “full-stack” solutions, but they sure help! This stack is popular for its scalability, its promise of developer productivity, and the capability to develop all components with a single programming language. Not all use cases are a great fit for JavaScript on the server. But love it or hate it, there are valuable lessons and use cases here for all developers.

We'll examine a complete multiuser end-to-end app using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. We'll connect it to a simple Node.js instance using WebSocket. We'll wire up a simple document-oriented persistence layer with MongoDB. And we'll do it all using mostly-vanilla JavaScript to illustrate concepts that don't depend on particular frameworks.

You'll leave this session convinced that full-stack JavaScript has “teeth”, and that it's not all just hype. And whether you intend to use JavaScript, Java, Ruby, or a mix of various frameworks on the server, the architecture of a dynamic HTML5 app will be made transparent and straightforward.

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About Danny Brian

Danny Brian got his programming start as a backend developer, wrangling Perl to do all sorts of things for which it was never intended. He wrote some books on software development and document-oriented databases. Eventually he found his true calling: Front-end development. In this “new career” Danny has worked as a designer, Flash developer, and application architect. Today Danny's projects include mobile game development with both HTML5 and the Unity platform. His goal? “To build stuff that people actually like, that stick around for more than a few years, and to help others do the same.”