South Florida Software Symposium

May 18 - 20, 2007

Ben Hale

Ben Hale

Cloud Foundry Java Experience Engineer

Ben Hale leads Pivotal's efforts to constantly improve the Java experience on Cloud Foundry. Recently he has been working on the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack with an eye to making it the best place to run Java applications, in the Cloud or otherwise.

Prior to working on Cloud Foundry, Ben worked on large-scale middleware management tools, tc Server, dm Server (OSGi), and Spring. If you go back far enough, he even worked on a network management and monitoring application, but will deny it when asked.


Sat 9:00 AM Spring 2.0: New and Noteworthy
Sat 11:00 AM Spring and Hibernate in the Middle Tier
Sat 3:15 PM Acegi Security: The security framework with the funny name