Central Iowa Software Symposium

August 3 - 4, 2018

Pipelines-as-a-Code with Jenkins 2+

Saturday - Aug 4 4:30 PM - WOODBURY

Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi

CTO Integrallis Software & Technophile

We developers really like code.
Code, being plain-text, can be version-controlled, versioned, and follow a traditional SDLC lifecycle.
For the longest time however, we were forced to live with having most of our Ci/Cd and server configurations live outside of our codebases, often at the mercy of infrastructure/operations teams.

With the evolution of DevOps comes the notions of constructs like IaaC (Infrastructure-As-A-Code), and with Jenkins 2.0, we can now manage our Jenkins jobs configurations as code!

In this session we will explore the concept of “Pipelines-As-A-Code”, including the DSL that Jenkins offers, and how we can use this to configure Jenkins jobs via simple, version-controlled Jenkins files. We will see how we can create Jenkins jobs by autodiscovering repositories, as well as when we branch our code to create releases.

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About Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi is a Java/Ruby/Clojure developer and a programming language geek. He has been writing software for well over a decade in several industries including education, finance, construction, manufacturing and retail sectors. Raju has a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Ohio University. In his spare time you will find Raju reading, or watching movies, or playing with yet another programming language. He is affectionately known as looselytyped on Twitter.