Central Iowa Software Symposium

August 3 - 4, 2018

Stories Every Developer Should Know

Saturday - Aug 4 1:00 PM - POLK

Neal Ford

Neal Ford

Director / Software Architect / Meme Wrangler

Stories and lessons from architecture, design, process, and other sources, each illustrating important principles and pitfalls for modern architects.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  –George Santayana

The past is never dead. It's not even past. –William Faulkner

Most developers pursue the Latest and Greatest with intense fervor, yet the history of engineering, including software projects, contains rich lessons that we risk repeating ad nauseam. This session recounts a variety of stories of projects that failed architecturally…and why. Ranging from the Vasa in 1628 to Knight Capital in 2012, each story tells of a mistaken interpretation of some architectural fundamental principle and the consequences–some good, some less so. I I also look at the common threads for these stories, which resonates with problems many companies have but don't realize.

  • Pets. Com
  • San Francisco project
  • The Vasa
  • F16
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • null
  • Ada
  • Serialization
  • Knight Capital
  • Ariane 5
  • Webvan
  • Chandler project

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About Neal Ford

Neal is Director, Software Architect, and Meme Wrangler at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy with an exclusive focus on end-to-end software development and delivery.
Before joining ThoughtWorks, Neal was the Chief Technology Officer at The DSW Group, Ltd., a nationally recognized training and development firm. Neal has a degree in Computer Science from Georgia State University specializing in languages and compilers and a minor in mathematics specializing in statistical analysis.
He is also the designer and developer of applications, instructional materials, magazine articles, video presentations, and author of 6 books, including the most recent The Productive Programmer. His language proficiencies include Java, C#/.NET, Ruby, Groovy, functional languages, Scheme, Object Pascal, C++, and C. His primary consulting focus is the design and construction of large-scale enterprise applications. Neal has taught on-site classes nationally and internationally to all phases of the military and to many Fortune 500 companies. He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker, having spoken at over 100 developer conferences worldwide, delivering more than 600 talks. If you have an insatiable curiosity about Neal, visit his web site at http://www.nealford.com. He welcomes feedback and can be reached at nford@thoughtworks.com.