Central Iowa Software Symposium

August 2 - 4, 2013

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri

Nilanjan Raychaudhuri

Author of "Scala in Action"

Nilanjan is a consultant and trainer for Typesafe. He started his professional career as a software developer in 2000 using object oriented programming languages. Nilanjan has previously worked with IBM, ThoughtWorks and LivingSocial where he gained a lot of experience in managing and developing software solutions in Java/JEE, Ruby, Groovy and also in Scala. He is zealous about programming in Scala ever since he got introduced to this beautiful language. Currently he spends his spare time working on the scala-webmachine open source project (restful resource framework). In the past Nilanjan worked on other open source projects and libraries. At Typesafe he is mainly teaching and designing Scala and Play courses and helping customers to adopt these technologies. Nilanjan enjoys sharing his experience via talks at various conferences. He is also the author of the “Scala in Action” book.


Sat 1:30 PM Scala for Java developers
Sat 3:15 PM Programming Concurrency with Akka
Sun 9:00 AM From Spring + Java to Spring + Akka - A Journey of Discovery
Sun 11:00 AM Mixing Functional programming with OO