Rocky Mountain Software Symposium

November 18 - 20, 2016

Microservices for the Masses with Spring Boot, JHipster, and JWT

Saturday - Nov 19 3:15 PM - LITTLETON A

Matt Raible

Matt Raible

Developer Advocate at Okta

Microservices are all the rage and being deployed by many Java Hipsters. If you’re working on a large team that needs different release cycles for product components, microservices can be a blessing. If you’re working at your VW Restoration Shop and running its online store with your own software, having five services to manage and deploy can be a real pain. Share your knowledge and experience about microservices in this informative and code-heavy talk.

We’ll use JHipster (a Yeoman generator) to create Angular + Spring Boot apps on separate instances with a unified front-end. I’ll also show you options for securing your API gateway and individual applications using JWT. Heroku, Kubernetes, Docker, ELK, Spring Cloud, Stormpath; there will be plenty of interesting demos to see!

About Matt Raible

Matt Raible is a Java Champion, Web Developer, and Developer Advocate at Okta. He loves to architect and build APIs and slick-looking UIs using CSS + JavaScript. When he's not evangelizing Okta and open source, he likes to ski with his family, drive his VWs and enjoy craft beer.