Great Lakes Software Symposium

November 2 - 4, 2018

Java 9 Memory and GC

Friday - Nov 2 3:15 PM - BALLROOM 1-2

Ken Sipe

Ken Sipe

Cloud Solution Architect

So your server is having issues? memory? Connections? Limited response? Is the first solution to bounce the server? Perhaps change some VM flags or add some logging? In todays Java 9 world, with its superior runtime monitoring and management capabilities the reasons to the bounce the server have been greatly reduced.

This session will look at the Java monitoring and management capabilities, which includes the ability to make VM argument changes on the fly. This session will dive into the different memory compartments and how they are used by the JVM. Final this session will explore the different GC options and how they affect response times and throughput.

This session will include new features in Java 9 to make it more container aware.

About Ken Sipe

Ken is a distributed application engineer at Mesosphere. Ken has worked with Fortune 500 companies to small startups in the roles of developer, designer, application architect and enterprise architect. Ken's current focus is on containers, container orchestration, high scale micro-service design and continuous delivery systems.

Ken is an international speaker on the subject of software engineering speaking at conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS), and The Strange Loop. He is a regular speaker with NFJS where he is best known for his architecture and security hacking talks. In 2009, Ken was honored by being awarded the JavaOne Rockstar Award at JavaOne in SF, California and the JavaZone Rockstar Award at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway as the top ranked speaker.