Great Lakes Software Symposium

November 8 - 10, 2013

Patterns of Modular Architecture (Workshop) - Part 2

Saturday - Nov 9 11:00 AM - Lakeshore

Kirk Knoernschild

Kirk Knoernschild

Software Developer & Mentor

Monolithic applications are difficult to understand, maintain, and extend with new features and functionality. Modularity helps achieve these goals. Unfortunately, few applications have been designed with modularity in mind. In this workshop, we take a deep dive into modularity.

In part 2, we'll finish the exercise we began in part 1. We'll continue applying several of the patterns of modular architecture. Upon completing the application, we'll have a short retrospective to discuss the consequences of our design decisions. To wrap up, we'll explore how using a framework (OSGi) that supports modularity extends the benefits of our modular architecture over to runtime without impeding our ability to leverage our modules directly atop standard Java. Be sure to bring a laptop.

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About Kirk Knoernschild

Kirk is software developer with a passion for building great software. He takes a keen interest in design, architecture, application development platforms, agile development, and the IT industry in general, especially as it relates to software development. His recent book, Java Application Architecture was published in 2012, and presents 18 patterns that help you design modular software.