Great Lakes Software Symposium

November 8 - 10, 2013

Android Build, Test and Deploy with Gradle

Friday - Nov 8 5:00 PM - Marlborough

James Harmon

James Harmon

Android Trainer and Consultant

Creating the right development environment for building Android apps should be the primary concern of a team embarking on native app development. Constructing a comprehensive build process integrating unit testing should be one of the development teams primary goals.

This session will show you how to leverage a number of mature and powerful tools to make creating your Android development process more effective.

You'll see how to use tools provided with the Android SDK to do logging, unit testing and UI testing. We'll cover some third party tools and services like Robotium for more readable unit testing. You'll see how Spoon can be used to produce HTML output and screenshots. Finally, we'll type it all together with Gradle will also be discussed.

This presentation is ideal for anyone about to join and team that needs to do Android development the right way.

The following topics are included in this presentation:

  • Unit testing in the Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Taking advantage of Android Logging
  • UI testing
  • Integrating the build environment with Gradle

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About James Harmon

James is an experienced Java developer and has spent a majority of his career building large-scale online applications at Accenture and at several Web-centric consulting firms. He now specializes in training Android developers to be more productive by using the latest frameworks and techniques.

Jim has provided training and consulting for Fortune 500 companies and large private and governmental organizations including Motorola and the Blue Cross. He lectures extensively throughout the United States and Canada.

Jim is also the author of “Dojo: Using the Dojo JavaScript Library to Build Ajax Applications”.