New England Software Symposium

March 15 - 17, 2019

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Software Architect

Jonathan Johnson is a platform architect at Intelligent Artifacts, formulating the symbiosis of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) platform with the Kubernetes ecosystem, and a software architect at Dijure LLC.

Jonathan is halfway into his second score of engineering commercial software, driven by his desire to design helpful software to move us forward. His applications began with laboratory instrument software and managing its data. Jonathan was enticed by the advent of object-oriented design to develop personal banking software. Banking soon turned to the internet, and enterprise applications took off. Java exploded onto the scene, and since then he has inhabited that ecosystem. At 454 Life Sciences and Roche Diagnostics, Jonathan returned to laboratory software and leveraged Java-based state machines and enterprise services to manage the terabytes of data flowing out of DNA sequencing instruments. Then as a hands-on architect at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he applied the advantages of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to their laboratory management platform.

Jonathan enjoys comparing and sharing his adventures with peers. He shares ways to modernize application architectures while adhering to the fundamentals of high modularity and low coupling. A longtime resident of Connecticut, he discusses his experiences with technical groups and meetups.


Sat 9:00 AM Understanding Kubernetes: Fundamentals
Sat 11:00 AM Understanding Kubernetes: Container Patterns
Sat 1:30 PM Understanding Kubernetes: Testing Patterns
Sat 3:15 PM Code Analysis and Team Culture
Sun 9:00 AM Understanding Kubernetes: Serverless
Sun 11:00 AM Understanding Kubernetes: Meshing Around with Istio
Sun 2:15 PM Understanding Kubernetes: Continuous Pipelines
Sun 4:00 PM Team Culture: Katacoda, a Learning Medium


Containers, Knative, and reducing Developer Stress
April 10, 2019

It seems like every time we solve one problem, it opens the door to a more complex problem. Tools like docker and Kubernetes have solved many problems, but at the cost of increased complexity and increased developer stress. To quote Mark Richards: "It used to take me four months to build, not it just takes four months to configure."

Tour regular Jon Johnson weighs in about these problems, what's new in the community, and how open source tools are addressing that complexity, increasing developer productivity and decreasing developer stress. 

Hands-on learning with KataCoda
February 20, 2019

This week I sit with Ben Hall and Jon Johnson to discuss an incredible tool for software engineers to learn, teach, and polish their craft - Katacoda. It is interactive, hands-on learning at it's finest with zero friction. Jon has been increasingly using Katacoda to share knowledge at work, as part of his talks, and to pick up new skills in his career as a software architect. 

Ben Hall is the creator and gives us insight on the history, the applications, and the future of this tool. Don't miss this week's episode!

Docker, Kubernetes and Containers
May 2, 2018

This week I sit with Jonathan Johnson and talk all things containers. What are the current trends, what are currently recommended tools and best practices. We also get a steak peek at Jon's full-day workshop he's hosting at UberConf this year (

Recorded Live in Reston, VA


NFJS LIVE - Deep Dive into Docker & Containers
November 17, 2017

This week on NoFluffJustStuff Live we dive deep into containers with the freshest face on the NFJS tour, Jonathan Johnson.