Three Qualities of a Leader

Posted by: Cal Evans on October 29, 2009

Dear Reader, Recently my son, who is a senior in high school, asked me the following question. (In typical Evans family tradition, it came via instant message)This may sound weird but it’s for a bible project. I need you to answer the following question: What three qualities do you think that an effective leader must possess, and [...]
Cal Evans

About Cal Evans

Many moons ago, at the tender age of 14, Cal touched his first computer. (We're using the term “computer” loosely here, it was a TRS-80 Model 1) Since then his life has never been the same. He graduated from TRS-80s to Commodores and eventually to IBM PC's.

For the past 8 years Cal has worked with PHP and MySQL on Linux OSX, and when necessary, Windows. He has built on a variety of projects ranging in size from simple web pages to multi-million dollar web applications. When not banging his head on his monitor, attempting a blood sacrifice to get a particular piece of code working, he enjoys building and managing development teams using his widely imitated but never patented management style of “management by wandering around”.

These days, Cal's hobby is photography. As a photographer, Cal is a pretty good programmer. He continually tries, none-the-less, to improve his skills.

Cal is currently based in Nashville, TN where is the full-time father of two and fills the rest of his day as the Editor of DevZone, for Zend Technologies.

Cal is happily married to wife 1.23, the lovely and talented Kathy. Together they have 2 kids who are infinitely more intelligent but not nearly as entertaining as his two dogs, Sparky and Linus.

Cal blogs at

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